When DC purchased all of Chester "A": Arnolds' numerous properties, only a few (Blackhawk, GI Combat) continued to published by their new owners. Over the years a handful of the Quality characters would achieve various levels of publication, as well as varying degrees of popularity, in the DC universe. One of the characters never revived is Private Dogtag: World's Dumbest Soldier, by cartoonist Bart Tumey. Dogtag, who was teamed up with Cecil, The Super Genius, ran in back pages of Military Comics (the home of Blackhawk) starting in issue #15; most of the little known Tumey's output ended up in the back pages, except for a later run on Plastic Man. Proving the adage that it is better to be lucky than smart, Dogtag is the proud owner of a ring that guarantees the wearer good or bad luck, depending on the personality of the possessor. Cecil deduces that Dogtags good luck, combined with his own genius and access to super-scientific devices of his own invention, are enough to ensure success should the two of them go after Adolf Hitler himself. They proceed to do just that in this highly entertaining tale (Military Comics #18, April 1943) wherein a unique solution to the Hero VS Hitler problem is successfully realized.


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